Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I am at the finishing stage of my latest wood sculpture -- sandpaper to smooth the surface.
I would compare this to climbing a mountain in Scotland. Mountains there are not too craggy and you simply walk up the 3,500 feet to the summit. Problem is that you never know when you are at the top. You see a skyline above you and your legs ache and you say "at last!" But when you reach that skyline you see another one above. Then another, and another until there are none and you are there.
Well, smoothing your wood surface is like that. You scrub away with that sandpaper until you think its smooth enough. Then you turn the piece in the light and you see another little blemish. Smooth that one and then you see another, and then another. Some are so stubborn that the sandpaper doesn't cut it and a file or riffler is required, followed by sandpaper.
I am a perfectionist about a good smooth wood surface but if I wasn't I wouldn't be able to enter the carving for the woodcarvers shows. The judges there are merciless! They never miss a blemish!
So keep at it, Peter, keep at it.

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