Sunday, July 25, 2010

I feel very guilty.
No blog for I don't know how long!
Been to Santa Fe, that magic artists' town filled with super galleries and good food.
We met the gracious Phyllis Kapp and bought two of her exuberant watercolors from her Waxlander Gallery.
Bought a T. Barny sculpture from Hunter Kirkland Gaalery. My kind of work. It is carved from Utah Calcite, a rare stone -- yellow and translucent with delicate fault lines running through.
In the early morning when the sun shines through it glows.
Eight of my drawings and four of my wood sculptures are on view in the FineMark Bank here in Estero. The bank open with a reception -- the best snacks and wine of course -- which was attended by about 75 people.
This meant the removal of that many drawings from my wall in the Promenade so I had to spread out a little there and draw furiously to catch up. Hence new drawings -- a Great Egret, Siblings (two baby Morning Doves), a cat (title Siamese if you please!) plus two dogs, Nicky the yellow lab and Sebastian the Doberman. I met Sebastian to photograph him at his home with a little trepidation but he was a sweet, affectionate soul despite the teeth.
I also produced, unusual for me, two color pencil drawings; Contortionist, a flamingo I photographed at Busch Gardens ( he was standing on one leg with his head and neck tucked into his feathers -- hence the title) and a watercolor and ink of the Rapallo Main Gate.
My current Butternut wood sculpture is almost finished. I am at the dust filled smoothing stage. It is another two-part piece as yet untitled. This piece of Butternut has a very strong grain which is exploited by the curves and holes I (as usual) have carved in it.
As well as the bank and the Promenade studio I have two drawings in the Florida West Arts gallery show and two in the Bonita Art League current show.
Keeping busy!