Monday, December 19, 2011

New Direction Show

It's very exciting how the Show is coming together!
First -- the work. I have completed 20 drawings (ink and color pencil) and have 2 small ones almost finished. These vary in size - the largest 30"x 20", then some at 16"x 20" and smaller ones at 8"x 8". They are very colorful and strive to reveal spatialness, three-dimensions drawn in two, if you see what I mean! I try to achieve this in many different ways with grids, spheres, vanishing points and even hyperbolic parabaloids, and with shadows emphasising the spatial feel. I'm so having fun.
Second -- the Gallery. Kathleen Bradford Studio/Gallery is the venue and it sits on Bonita Beach Road (west from 41) conveniently near one of my favorite restaurants, Wylds Cafe. Kathleen came to see the 20 drawings and (she said) had a hard time deciding which not to have. She selected 15 or so and we discussed the layout. She has very imaginative presentation ideas and so encouraging about the work that it can't fail to be a huge success. Fellow artists have seen me working on individual drawings but few have seen many so the impact of the whole show is going to be a surprise.
Third -- invitations. Kathleen is of course dealing with publicity and inviting all her numerous clients and I have emailed and posted invites to all my friends, artist mates and past clients with a colorful card showing a few of the drawings as a taster.
I was excited this time last year when my wood sculptures were featured in the Gallery but I am really excited by this coming show. It is truly a New Direction for my work and my life as an artist.