Friday, October 1, 2010

We had the monthly ArtWalk last evening at the Promenade, here in Bonita Springs. It was an excellent turnout and as usual a mixed bag of old friends, fellow artists and lots of compliments but, alas, no sales. It's the economy, you know.
I sold a color pencil commission in September for an Art League member who wanted an Anhinga -- that amazing bird that swims under water to spear it's fish dinner. She wanted the pose with the wings outstretched to dry in the sun and that's what I did.
Someone told me they had seen a recent newspaper article about me in the local press. I had supplied information recently but didn't believe it had been used yet so I googled. Amazing how many Peter Sargents there are! My webpage was mentioned but some of the others sound fascinating -- a racing driver, a college dean, a bankruptcy specialist (!) and of course John Singer Sargent who I don't believe is a relative. Wish he was.
Just completed a house drawing and have started another, this one a brand new home on a site without any landscaping. Houses look all wrong without landscaping so I created trees and bushes -- one advantage of a drawing rather than a photo.
Having been alone in my Promenade studio for the last few months I am about to share with my friend Ed Takacs who paints beautifully detailed and startlingly realistic wildlife in oil and acrylics. Ed is a character so its going to be interesting.....
One last story. At the ArtWalk this gentleman looks at my drawings and comments; "These are very good. Almost as good as my work....and that's a compliment." (?)